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The Arcachon basin

A pleasant break, with sweet sea scents. Get away for a day to Arcachon, the Gare St Jean train will drop you in the heart of the city where you can visit, stroll, taste ... Oysters and other specialties await you. You will have time to take a leisure boat around the bird island or escape to Cap Ferret on the Atlantic Ocean.


The dune of Pilat

The Pilat dune is located at the entrance to the Arcachon basin. Part of the coastal dunes of Aquitaine, it is to date, the only dune still in motion in this system. Between ocean and forest, due to prevailing winds and tides, it moves 1 to 5 m per year to the east. The dune has an asymmetrical shape. On the ocean side, the face exposed to the wind is gently sloping. The grains of sand, transported by the wind, go up this slope by moving close to the ground. When they reach the top of the dune, they fall, forming the steep slope on the forest side.

The city of Blaye

The citadel was built between 1685 and 1689. Architect Vauban was chosen by Louis XIV to direct its construction. Walk to the citadel and discover it many alleys and fine craftsmenship. The citadel will offer you a wonderful panorama of the estuary and its islands.


The city of St Emilion

Enjoy the medieval town of St Emilion where exposed stone marks its history. Its name is associated with renowned vineyards and characters. Twenty-five minutes from the Garat area, you will spend a pleasant day in this city easily the most alluring of the region’s wine towns. Sit on the terrace to enjoy a glass of wine and admire the landscape.


Walk in Bordeaux

From Saint-Michel to the city of wine, from heritage listed by UNESCO architectural creations, take the time to stroll through the streets of Bordeaux and discover mascarons and the richness of our beautiful city . Choose a guided tours provided through the tourist office, enjoy tastings in the city of wine, sit on the banks of the Garonne and sample the many restaurants with varied cuisines and atmospheres. The Chartrons district is the former place of wine merchants. Bordeaux also offers a plethora of brasserie and restaurants to help you enjoy the flavors of Bordeaux and the surrounding region.

Also discover :

  • Place des Quinconces (the largest in France),
  • The Allées de Tourny,
  • Rue Sainte-Catherine, (the largest pedestrian street in Europe),
  • Saint-André Cathedral,
  • The Place de la Bourse and its reflecting pool,
  • Darwin district,
  • Various bucolic parks.

What to do in Bordeaux?


Visit : Matmut stadium, the Big Bell, the Saint Eloi gate, the old belfry, the remains of the ramparts from other times.

Attend a concert at the Arena


Ride a horse at the Burthe estate in Floirac
Alternative mobility tour with bordeaux trip
Surf the Gironde, a beautiful European spots
Skydiving: on the dune du Pyla near Arcachon


Other activities:

  • Concert cafes
  • Multiplex cinemas
  • Theaters
  • Museums

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